How to Clean Your House Proper

All of us enjoy having a clean home and some of us enjoy cleaning the home ourselves. Cleaning home makes people living in it comfortable and carries a lot of health benefits too. Much of unseen bacteria that can make housemates sick are washed away if the house is kept clean. Therefore, having a clean home is one of the easiest ways to improve day to day quality of life.

People may choose to clean their house on their own or hire house maids or professional cleaners. Paid cleaning services are masters of the art, as they do their job efficiently and with speed. Professional cleaners dress comfortably and invest in proper tools and gadgets. They carry a cleaning plan which suggests the start and end point of his cleaning activity. This helps keep the professional cleaner focused on the job and leads to maximum utilization of time.

If the owner decides to do cleaning on his own, it should be carried out in a planned manner as it is an art. It is the method of cleaning which improves the speed of cleaning rather than hurrying up. Preparing a checklist can prove to be very helpful as the entire cleaning process can be executed in lesser time. A step by step guide can also be adopted in order to clean the house.

The kitchen and washroom are two such rooms where all the germs reside and should be tackled first. Cleaning should always move from top to bottom and left to right, i.e dusting a ceiling fan, to mopping the floor. Apart from this it is important to keep all the tools and cleaning products at one arm’s distance as this will save time. Being proactive, at times, also helps in keeping the home clean. Make sure you properly clean your oven,, microwave, and other greasy appliances to keep your kitchen look clean and shiny.

Minute details like starting the day with a load of laundry, keeping steel shining by using white vinegar, leaving shoes at the door, unload the dishwasher before breakfast, keeping the sink dry before going to bed, spraying glass cleaner etc. can help keep the home clean in routine. For working women and men, it works better if a little bit is done daily.

Delegating tasks to other people we are living with help keep the home clean on a routine basis. Tasks assigned should be age appropriate i.e. grade school children can make their bed in the morning and teenagers can clean the garage etc. Kitchen counters should be kept clean daily, and dishes should be washed after every meal. These basic two steps will help keep the kitchen clean. For the washroom, the sink is to cleaned daily, cleaning the toilet with a sponge, hot water and toilet cleaner, and cleaning the shower with car wax. For the bedroom, sheets are to be changed regularly and washed in warm water. This will help remove germs and allergens. For the playroom, disinfecting wipes prove to be useful as they keep germs away and keep children safe.

There are a few simple methods to adopt if people want to keep their homes clean, however, do not have time for it. They should aim to cut the clutter, keep things organized, set a timer, do a fifteen-minute cleaner before going to bed, and take help from other members of the house.

If you want to startup your own cleaning business, take expert advice and management tips before getting into the entrepreneurial world.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Removing accumulated dust, dirt and grime is not enough if your surfaces are laden with germs and bacteria. It is important to focus on contaminated areas to kill germs. You can start from your kitchen because it is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Make sure you disinfect:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Countertop
  • Stovetop
  • Sink and faucets
  • Trash can
  • Doorknobs,
  • Dishwasher
  • Floors,
  • Cabinet handle
  • Refrigerator handle, etc.

Use a cleaning product that has 70 per cent of alcohol concentration or an approved disinfectant that can kill 99 per cent of germs.

Also disinfect your bathrooms, living area and bedroom to keep your house clean and healthy.


The above-mentioned simple ways will help us keep our homes clean.