7 Expert Tips for Business Owners to Keep Employees Motivated

To run a successful business and maintain productivity, every business owner needs to ensure his/her team is motivated and happy to work. Often employees can feel low or stressed due to work pressure, personal life issues, lack of focus etc. As a business owner and leader of your company, you should understand every resource experiences dips in motivation, but it is a problem if your team members are continuously disengaged from work. It is your responsibility to keep them involved. Here are seven expert tips for business owners to keep employees motivated.


1.Appreciate Good Work

Make sure you and your managers appreciate the hard and good work done by those under you. Employees become happy and motivated to complete tasks and be more productive when their efforts are recognised. When leaders and managers recognise good work done by subordinates, it has a significant impact on their self-esteem. You can have weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions where managers and team leaders appreciate the excellent and hard work of employees who have worked well within a stipulated time.


2. Set Small and Realist Targets

When unrealistic and large goals are set for employees to fulfil, it can create a sense of dread, anxiety and stress in employees. Business experts in Melbourne observe that employees who have realist and achievable goals are much more motivated to work than employees with huge and unmanageable targets. As a leader, it is essential you set up a system to recognise the potential of each employee and set goals for them accordingly.


3. Listen and Understand Their Problems

Always listen to your employees’ problems with the intent to solve the issue rather than with the intent to reply. Your team members can feel extremely unmotivated to work if their problems are unheard, and they cannot find a satisfactory solution for their problems. Thus, make sure you have a trained human resource department or a person who can address the issues of employees and provide effective dispute resolution whenever necessary.



4. Celebrate Achievements and Goal Completion

Every week or month, conduct a meeting with your team and ask managers to hold one with theirs to celebrate achievements and completion of goals. These meetings will serve as motivation drivers for employees to work hard and complete their tasks on time. Recognition of work has a significant impact on an employee’s morale and work.


5. Arrange for Corporate Massages

A unique way to keep employees motivated while working is to arrange for corporate massages sessions. Also known as chair massages, they are provided by experienced and trained masseurs who can give five to thirty-minute massages on a portable massage chair or the employee’s desk. These massages are excellent and help your employees deal with stress much more effectively.


6. Provide a Clean Work Environment

It is common for employees to feel unmotivated to come to the office or work in an environment where they don’t feel safe. An unclean office can put a damper on anyone’s will to work. Therefore, make sure you hire a reputed office cleaning service in Melbourne, and they regularly clean and disinfect your office or workplace. When the office is clean, employees will feel motivated and happy to work rather than worrying about their health and maintaining personal hygiene.


7. Share Company’s Achievements and Future Goals

When employees are appreciated for their contribution towards reaching the company’s goals, they feel included and motivated to work harder. Therefore, whenever your business achieves a goal, make sure to applaud the efforts of employees who made it possible. Additionally, discuss and share future goals with your subordinates to get them excited for them. When your team is aware of its effort matter and what goals it has to meet, then its members work dedicatedly.


The Bottom Line

Whether you have an established business or a growing one, it is important your employees are happy, satisfied, and driven. The onus is on you to keep them motivated, productive and focused. Use these tips by experts in Melbourne to motivate your subordinates and run your business successfully. Remember when your team consists of dedicated and motivated people, your business progresses rapidly.