10 Best Ways to Promote Your Business – With No Money

Capital can be low in the initial few months, whether you start a business from scratch or buy an existing one. Your money goes for payrolls, taxes, rent, and other important costs. Therefore, most businesses need more money to promote themselves. The paid advertisement works, but when you have a tight budget that leaves no money for marketing, you can use the following ways to promote your business and bring traffic organically.


1. Update Your Website Regularly

By putting in a little effort in updating your website routinely, you can optimise it to show your websites on google results. Post images, videos and blogs on the site daily or for a few days. Additionally, make your site interactive to allow customers to post reviews to keep the activity going.


2. Send Good Emails

Emails can easily turn into spam, but not if you keep the text low and imagery high. For example, cafes and eateries can send emails highlighting new discounts or offers with images or videos of mouth-watering dishes. Aim to keep emails 30% text and 70% image. Also, for CTAs, avoid using the cliché buy now, save now and other buttons.


3. Use Social Media

Create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and maintain them to grow your following and have a strong online presence. You can attract much more customers by sharing daily experiences, motivational quotes, strategies, knowledge etc. Make your followers feel good about following you. It can help with brand retention a lot more than a paid advertisement.


4. Ask For Customer Reviews

If you have multiple satisfied customers, ask them to leave a review, which will help increase your business’s reliability and reputation. You can also ask customers to share a 5-star rating if they don’t have the time to write a review.


5. Answer Quora Questions

Quora is a large online platform with over 300 million users. Its reach is great, and you can use it to your advantage. Answer questions related to your business to share insights, tips and guides. Even experts say to boost your content game.


6. Appear on Business Podcasts

Do your research and find local business podcasts you can feature on. You must do it if you can share details about your business and attract customers. Many people listen to podcasts during drives, travel, free time, cleaning etc.

To increase credibility and ensure people visiting your site listen to the podcast, ask the creator’s permission to share it on your website.


7. Use YouTube to Your Advantage

YouTube has introduced a short video format, and it is perfect for starting a channel if you don’t want to make long videos. You can share expert insights, tips and much more via these shorts. Their reach is also more because YouTube’s algorithm boosts these videos more than longer videos.


8. Host Webinars

People are more inclined to invest in a business when it gives back to society. You can conduct a webinar every week or month. They are perfect for advertising your products and boosting sales. Additionally, you can enter the domain of education to help people gain industry insights and expertise.


9. Maintain Excellent Customer Care Service

Want to retain your customers and make them loyal? Make sure to have great customer care service. Research shows that people remain with a business only if the after-sales service is good. You must have a dedicated staff for managing client queries and issues. Additionally, develop a system that helps mitigate issues sooner rather than later.


10. Respond To Clients

When your customers post reviews and share feedback with you via calls or messages, respond to them. You can look at independent review platforms like Yelp to create a positive online presence. Additionally, reply to comments on your social media posts to ensure you can engage more users.


The Bottom Line

Contrary to popular belief, marketing and advertising are not only possible with money. You can promote your business well by following the tips above. You don’t need money for these methods, and they can generate organic traffic. However, if your business does need a boost and you get the finances in future, combine these methods with paid promotions to get the best results and expand your business.


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